We supply Sound Systems of various sizes and specifications. From a small active PA for a private party to large size clubs and events systems.

Speaker Cabinets

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J Series

The crystal clear and detailed audio performance with an extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response over distance, high dynamic bandwidth, extreme power and headroom capabilities makes the J-Series the ultimate choice for the far reaching reinforcement of any sound genre in large scale events.

V Series

The V-Series comprises both line array solutions and point source systems; both offer minimal size and weight in combination with outstanding control of dispersion behaviour and convincing high sound pressure levels.
With its crystal clear and detailed audio performance, smooth and even frequency response over distance, high dynamic bandwidth and power and headroom capabilities all make the V-Series a good choice for any medium to large sound reinforcement applications, for any sound genre.

Y Series

The Y-Series loudspeakers are designed with a clear perspective to provide flexible and configurable solutions, even in the most arduous sound reinforcement situations. Performing arts, conferences, religious events and live shows; applications all demanding strict qualities in the performance, look and feel of a loudspeaker.

E Series

The complete E-Series is a range of five small to medium sized point source loudspeakers of a multifaceted moulded construction to achieve the maximum deployment versatility. They utilise direct radiating low frequency elements with coaxially mounted high frequency sections. The E-Series is predominantly used in theatres, conferences, industrial presentations, broadcast studios and as surround sound, delay and fill systems. They are intended for both mobile and installation applications.

All of our systems are serviced and maintained on a daily basis.
We can also service and repair your sound and dj equipment. Contact us for a quote.

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